Prime Body Trainers

Create an Insanely Good Body

Every one of us wants to be lean, strong and sexy. The Prime "fit tank” Jolie Kobrinsky, Mina Afshari, Mark Gutierriez and Mia Hurst think about this every day for our clients and ourselves. There are definite trade-offs when you attempt to re-align yourself, gain strength and muscle, lose fat and inflammation and improve your health. What do I have to do more of? Figure out your priorities with our help. Decide what you're willing to do. Figure out how often you're willing to do it. What do I have to give up? You'll have to give time and energy to creating a new strategy based on you individual needs which the expert trainers at Prime can help you discover.


Jolie Kobrinsky Owner/Trainer

Health and Fitness Coach Jolie Kobrinsky is the owner/trainer of Prime, a hip, urban gym with ocean views in Monterey, California. Her mission is to satisfy and empower current and future clients for a vital and energized life.


Mia Hurst Master Instructor

As a Master Instructor for Foundation Training Mia Hurst educates clients to consistently improve the functional and performance longevity of their bodies.


Mark Gutierrez Human Performance Coach

Mark Gutierrez is a Brazilian Jiujitsu Brownbelt and has been involved with athletics for over 11 years. As a human performance coach, Mark’s passion is to help his clients achieve strong, capable, injury-free bodies and optimize their athletic potential using conventional and non-conventional tools.


Mina Afshari Trainer

Mina is Onnit Foundations Certified, and an ACE Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer with a passion for clean eating and building strong, beautiful bodies.